Practice Closing: Information for Patients

I am retiring from active practice at the end of June. I want to thank you for your trust and confidence in allowing me to serve as your pediatrician over the past twenty-nine years. It has been an honor to get to know you, and to watch your children learn and grow. Thank you again for making my time as your pediatrician so memorable and enjoyable. I wish you all continued health and happiness in the future.

The last day I will be seeing patients is June 24, 2022. After that date, you will need a new physician. To assist you, I am providing this list of nearby practices. If your health plan requires referrals for specialists, you should make certain to have a new primary care doctor in place before I close.

Appointments: I will keep all appointments scheduled through June 24. Visits scheduled after that date will be canceled. However, I will try to accommodate anyone who wishes to reschedule their appointments to a date before the closing. (You will be responsible for ensuring that your health plan covers the earlier date.)

Patient Portal: The patient portal will close on June 24 and not be accessible after that.

How to Transfer Medical Records BEFORE June 24: You can request medical records from my office until June 24. You will need to complete an authorization form and return it to my office (via fax or mail or by using our Patient Portal or file upload form). If you have an upcoming visit, we can provide you with records at that time.

How to Transfer Medical Records AFTER June 24: No worries! After the closing, you'll request medical records from Morgan Records Management, our official records custodian. Instructions will be posted right here at You can also go to (Medical Records Requests > Request My Medical Records). If you have any questions, you can email them at or call them at (833) 888-0061. In accordance with applicable state law, Morgan Records Management will charge a nominal fee charged for transfer of records. Please note that there may be a short transition period from the time I close my practice on June 24 to the time Morgan Records Management has access to my charts.

Rajee K. Joyce, MD

Covid-19 Vaccine

Dr. Joyce recommends that all children receive the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as they are eligible.

Because we are a small practice and don’t have sufficient staff or storage capacity, we will not be providing the vaccine in our office. However, your child will be able to receive the vaccine at schools, town health departments, pharmacies, and urgent care clinics.

Check the Arlington Health and Human Services Department for available appointments. Use the state's Vaxfinder website to find other vaccination sites. Read more about covid vaccines for children & teens at the CDC's website.

Protocol for In-Office Appointments

1. Call us when you arrive, before coming downstairs. We'll let you know when it's okay to come down.
2. One parent per family. Teens should come in alone when possible.
3. Masks required for ages 3 and up.


WELL VISITS: To minimize time in the office, Dr Joyce will schedule a pre-visit phone call with you.
This will replace the history & discussion portion of the visit. You should raise any concerns at that time.

How to Find Covid Tests

You can find a testing site near you using the state's interactive Covid-19 Test Site Locator. You can also find free drive-through test sites at the state's Regional Express website.

No Walk-in Clinic

We no longer have a morning walk-in clinic. Please call for an appointment instead.